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Bot-Supply is now closed (2023)

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    Bot-Supply is now closed (2023)

    Bot-Supply was launched in 2012 by Notion75, Sobo, and Face, with support from myself (Sticky) as the server admin.

    We've had an incredible time running this site, having seen over 90,000 posts on this forum alone. Supply Crate was launched more than 1 million times.

    Since then, we've had to move on in our lives and botting fell to the side. For me, I haven't played YPP in over 5 years. Right now I'm single handedly keeping this forum online out of the nostalgia of an amazing 10 years of botting. It'll remain available read-only - you cannot register or post.

    For those who want to keep botting, a lot of the bot devs have now moved over to barrelstopper.

    Shout-out to:
    • All the bot developers, including Pulse, Severn, Dan, Emaziz, flashbang, Andrew, notion75 and more that I've forgotten.
    • Our two most dedicated moderators: Mehfails and Scarecrow
    • Those that came before us: Brandon
    • The team behind the game we all love to play (or bot), Three Rings / Grey Havens.
    So long, and thanks for all the bots.

    Last edited by Sticky; 06-06-2023, 11:54 AM.