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Using Supply Crate on Mac

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    Using Supply Crate on Mac

    What we mac users can do to open it any help or advice would be returned, if needed pm me, i can pay.

    Well i am sure they have experienced this problem before but however i could not dig anything up on the forum. So these are 5 ways i know of that you could open supply-crate.

    Note: Supply-Crate may open but i cant say the bots will actually work.

    1. A VM (Virtual Machine) you would need a fair amount of ram to be able to actually run a VM so keep that in mind. There are tutorials on here somewhere and on youtube.

    2. Wine - Wine is typically used on Ubuntu and other Linux OSs to run windows programs. You can read more about it online as well.

    3. If you have access to another computer in your house that is windows obviously you could use it to play and use SC. You can also remote connect from your PC and play from your pc but be logged into the other.

    4. BootCamp - Apple’s Boot Camp allows you to install Windows alongside macOS on your Mac. Only one operating system can be running at a time, so you’ll have to restart your Mac to switch between macOS and Windows. If you’ve ever dual-booted Linux on your Windows PC, it’s just like that.

    5.CrossOver Mac - CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Mac is a paid application that will run Windows programs on Mac. It uses the open-source Wine code to accomplish this, but CrossOver provides a nice graphical interface and focuses on officially supporting popular programs. If an officially supported program doesn’t work, you can contact CodeWeavers and expect them to make it work for you.

    Another Side Note: I do not own or promote any of those softwares.

    I hope this helped you and many others.