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    Traffic Light Project

    Need help with Traffic light debugging
    -The orange light isn't flickering each 500ms

    What's happening:
    On Maintenance mode( ONDERHOUD_ON) the Orange light goes off and won't come back on.

    Code: [Java] TraficLight -

    Translation of certain words from Dutch to English:

    Rood => RED
    Groen => GREEN
    Oranje =>ORANGE

    Veilig => SAFE STATE
    Onveilig => NOT SAFE STATE
    setVeilig => Turn to SAFE STATE
    setOnveilig => Turn to NOT SAFE

    How it works:
    SafeButton => Red->Green by switchTimer 2000ms
    NotSafeButton => Orange->Red by switchTimer 2000ms
    Maintenance BUTTON =>Test_on is active & SafeButton and NOTSAFE button goes inactive & Problem above mentioned
    Test_on=> All lights goes ON && Maintenance mode button inactive
    Test_off => All lights goes OFF && Maintenance mode button goes active
    Maintenance BUTTON =>Waiting for click to turn it off and make SAFE & NOTSAFE button active. Here it should keep turning on and off the
    Orange light too.

    Close thread please, already solved it at school. Had to do with wrong order.
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    I have absolutely no idea what this means.