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    Ahalic Vouch thread

    If you bought PoE's or used my services with sailing/dnav stat on please leave a reply!

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    this guy is the most awesome fair poe seller iknow about, he is way better then all the offical sellers and verified sellers.. he gave me 400k before i sent him a dam dollar, then i paid him showing it on shared screen on skype since it took some time until it got to his account :'( i bought 4,5m for a really Nice price and i tottaly reccomend him to every1!!! i got some problem With paypal so i cant sent the rest of the poes i Owe him, but he understand im not a scammer so he dont needs poes back until the last ammount is sent! it was fast and easy!
    RECCOMENDED! he is NOT a scammer <3
    GL With future sells Ahalic!

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    vouch he was great to trade with +1

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