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    I've been around, mostly have all my vouches on BuyPoe (Fabled) but have been getting scammed too much there.


    "freakin best and fastest and friendliest
    will do biz again he went furst" ~ Pwner9111

    "I can verify this member has 150k they wish to sell.
    I can also verify they own at swordfighting!" ~ Toxic

    "legit seller :P nice guy to talk to legit and fast trade" ~ Johnrofl2

    "Vouch! Cool guy, very patient with my failpal. Gonna do business soon!" ~ iDGK

    "I vouch for this person.....very smooth transition." - Slowplay

    "Bought 150k PP from him with RSGP, I went first. Smooth transaction, cool guy." ~ Lust4Thrust

    "I vouch for Fabled. He is a great guy and he is very trustable. - Reggy <3." ~ Freaxx
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