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Thread: Countryswag Vouches

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    Countryswag Vouches

    If we have done any type of transactions or business in general please leave a vouch as it is kind to let others know your experience with someone!

    Previous Vouches.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calm View Post
    Vouch. bought an account quickly, and going to proceed buying accounts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Driftkingyo View Post
    vouch he went 1st quick and smooth transaction
    Quote Originally Posted by Dtape View Post
    Sold an Emerald pirate, I went first and he paid once everything was good.
    All went smooth.
    Quote Originally Posted by kalebthomas View Post
    vouch bought his pirate +1
    Quote Originally Posted by BossSell View Post
    Vouch +1
    Quote Originally Posted by Logo View Post
    Vouch! +69
    Quote Originally Posted by Logo View Post
    Vouching again he gives good BJ's nohomointended

    - - - Updated - - -

    i mean +111 he sold me good accounts amazing dude! Will do forever
    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Mourinho View Post
    vouch. trust worthy guy
    Quote Originally Posted by PoEseller View Post
    Vouche +1
    Quote Originally Posted by Gomhon View Post
    Vouch, he bought some poe from me. Good guy. Trustworthy guy.
    Quote Originally Posted by iceblaz3 View Post
    Just bought a Poker alt via Paypal, he went first. Vouch!
    Quote Originally Posted by atisme View Post
    Vouch had a few transactions with him +1
    Quote Originally Posted by arrow View Post
    Sold him some PoE great guy to talk to and do business with was a pleasure
    - - - Updated - - -

    Please ignore the good BJ comment.... It was a one time thing....
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    Trusted. Bought 1m, went first very pleasurable trade.
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    Traded with him he went first
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    vouch +1. sold him a mil, everything went smooth
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    Bought an account from him, thanks!
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    Amazing Seller, 10/10. Everything went very smooth. Very Professional, Very Fast!! Will use again!
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    Went first. No issues. 10/10

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