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Thread: Hello new here

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    Hello new here

    Hey guys Im new to the site and i have several poe to sell. The thing is that i would like some info on how to do the ingame transactions safe.. and also the money transactions. What would be the safest way?

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    Welcome to Bot-Supply!

    Unfortunately there is always a risk. No matter what method you use. I was recently banned using the Poker method. Just a heads up. I hope you find something that works.
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    try a wagering ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anwar90 View Post
    try a wagering ?
    the thing is i never really wager and my stats are crap so that would porbably seem suspicious

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    Yeah, all methods have a risk. I even did the commodity Method where you overprice your items in a stall and the other person buys from you. I thought i was clever but still got caught.

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