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    Bot review-- By Darkpool

    There are several bots currently released for Puzzle Pirates. These bots vary in puzzles, skills and prices. However, finally they are all at one package price of $15(USD) in Bot Supply's VIP. However are these bots worth the money we pay for them? This review will go into sufficient detail of what these bots are capable of and argue the positives and negatives of each program.


    Poseidon, with its ultimate-obtaining algorithm is unbeatable! Since this bot was created it has received so many buyers. Why? Because this bot has the best up-to-date human mouse movement. The bot is extremely efficient and can get you ultimate Bilging within a short period of time. The best way to do this is hyper-ranking though it can be done through extensive use of the bot. Poseidon is currently the best bilge bot available at this time! Its search depth exceeds all other bilge bots available to the public. It gives you an option to search by 3 or 4 moves! The bot usually works well on most computers when searching by 3 however you will need a medium-high standard of computer to run the depth at 4 (Pwnage Mode) otherwise it will lag severely.


    • Can obtain ultimate
    • Can get combos from Line of three to Vegas!
    • Can get you #1 Bilger
    • Search depth by 3 or 4 moves


    • Searching by 4 takes long if you have a slow operating computer

    Other facts from the owner:

    The best bilge bot algorithm to date. Period.
    The most human like movements are available.
    Lifetime customer support.
    Lifetime Free updates.
    Better move efficiency than any other bilge bot.
    Easily win competitions or get Number 1 stat in bilging.
    "Pwnage mode" With a proper processor and Ram you may
    go to pwnage mode and leave every other bilge bot in the dust
    (Minimum requirement of an i5 3.0ghrz+ and 2+ gigs of ram)
    50% cheaper than the next leading bilge bot
    Performance: 10/10

    Balls of Steel

    Balls of Steel, the only gunning bot out as of today. It has no reports of anyone being banned in its existence! This bot also has the capability to get you ultimate. It usually scores between excellent and incredible. This bot has very good and powerful Algorithm. As this is the only gunning bot out that is undetected and there has been a lot of buyers. It is amazing by how it works while in the gunning board. You must have an average quality computer to run this bot or it may lag and throw the bot off course. This being said, Balls of Steel still has several bugs which hinder performance. These bugs include things such as balls being trapped outside of the main set up circle and also lag interfering with the arrow placement.


    • Can hit ultimate
    • Is undetected
    • Fast while filling
    • Gets Incredibles/Excellent


    • Bug when Puzzle Pirate lags, the board messes up.

    Other facts from the owner:

    Powerful Ultimate Algorithm
    Lifetime free Updates
    Lifetime free customer support
    Multi-Cannon Support
    Easy to use/manuver GUI
    Undetected algorithm used for over a year
    In depth guide to help explain the cannon types used
    Performance: 8/10

    Carpentry KoW

    KoW, only carpentry bot out today. With its fast and incredible thinking! It has a speed movement where you can change how fast you want it or slow. It can get Excellent and Incredibles. It also has a legendary algorithm, it has gotten people ultimate VIA hyper rank. I myself have gotten a GM+ stat from this bot. It is a very quick thinking and simple bot. Always too much on bilge so why not try carp? Maybe hit a kark or seahorse from Atlantis!


    • Can get ultimate
    • Fast thinking
    • Gets Incredibles and Excellents as well
    • Ultimate Algorithm


    • Messes up carp pieces a few times if your computer lags. Mainly gets excellents and some incredibles.

    Other facts from the owner:

    Excellent/inc Duty reports.
    Amazing Antibans
    Quite possibly the Best customer support.
    Legendary Algorithm
    Insane PoE achieving ability.
    Easy to get jobbed.
    Performance: 9/10

    Inferno blacksmith soon.
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    I'd like to point out that BoS can get #1 if you grind for hours until 3am game time.

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    Some English mistakes, but nice post overall. Thanks for your opinion.

    Moved to testimonials.
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    Nice post overall, I would suggest clearly laying out the pros/cons a bit better. Other then that great post

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    Mods+ feel free to post Cons as I put the main ones.

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    Good post. I liked it.

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    nice review of the bots nice post.

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