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    Auth failed message some Bots don't work

    Hello -

    Yesterday, I started getting an error message when I started some bots that the Auth failed, then it would close. Then I closed Supply Crate and then it wouldn't let me log in, something about too many attempts to log in. So I waited, I then saw that I had a Java update and Windows update. I did those and most of my bots were not working, it reset the 8.1 fix, so I put it back. Now some bots will work and some don't.

    Here is my list of bots and the issues I am experiencing:

    Spools of Silk: Does not work, just sits there
    Argos SW: Just has a message searching for board
    Card of Fire: gives an error that it can't find the board
    Flaming Balls: gives an error when I try to start it on a board and shuts down

    I own these also, and they work fine: Sugar and Spice, Poseidon Bilging, Aeolus Rigger, Dreaming in Sprinkles, Overhaul TH, Inferno Blacksmith

    Prior to yesterday afternoon, all bots worked fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    Getting this problem too...

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have windows 7 and cant login at all now...pretty upsetting

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    If you get locked out you gotta wait 15minutes to log back in

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    Yeah sorry there was an issue with the strike system. It should be fixed now.

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