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    Hello! I have a couple questions..

    I'm about to make my next purchase at this wonderful site, but I'm conflicted as to what I am going to get....

    Is the only difference for the bilge bots is that Trident can token and thrall, while Pois. is mainly for good rankings? But otherwise lifetime support is still continually provided for both ?

    Also, would it just be worth it to get VIP instead? And which bots are included in it as I read somewhere that Aethyr was but I didn't
    see it posted that it was.

    Thanks for your help
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    Hey there!

    Just for future reference, questions such as these go in the 'Community Support' section and not the 'Puzzle Pirates Bots' section. We keep this section of the forum strictly as a marketplace or place for official bot announcements to be made.

    To answer your question, lifetime support is indeed provided for all bots and also support on the forum is completely free of charge also.

    - Trident specifically focuses on tokening and though it will try its best to keep the highest possible rank, its number one aim is to token (as long as the duty report stays excellent+).

    - Poseidon does not token and due to this it has amazing capability to bilge, arguably to a better extent than trident does. Three depth Poseidon is very similar to Trident when it is set to not token however the four depth (with a good enough computer) can be much more 'talented' if you will.

    As for VIP, I see you've already bought it, so I presume you've already found the answer to that question!

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    Just to get a final clarification.

    Poss bilge = better rankings
    Trident bilge = better smd/ci's due to tokens

    Does the poss still do well on SMH's and Ci's??

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    SMH yes CI's no, but to be honest, i won comps from poss with the depth of 4.

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    If you learnt how to token alongside Poseidon (which is my preference of action) - then Poseidon is by far the best bot in both cases. But of course, this requires a lot more effort on the user's side of things.

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    if the choice is one or the other then go with trident as it gives you more options. it's still decent at bilging and you can use it to token. poseidon will perform better though.

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