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Thread: coding

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    Hey, I.want to start coding but I dunno where to start anyone want to give me advice and tell me what program to start using if I want to start creating bots

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    I'll leave it to the actual bot coders to explain why it's not just "make a bot" there is alot that goes into it. Not saying don't do it, rather make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
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    It isn't as easy as it seems (if I am able to say so) I think I drove Flashbang crazy for a fair while with questions that now seem stupid.
    Seeing as I am pretty much "new" to all this stuff, I'll let the real coders explain more.

    My suggestion... Don't half ass it, if you want to do it, you gotta keep going no matter what... and believe me, its harder then it looks :P

    Schalk, Sage, Flash, Cryoma, Phantom, Pulse.... they all make it look easy.

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    Well you give me too much credit, I haven't even released anything hardcore yet.
    I started learning C# in December to make Rumble Aid, which was more or less coded in AS and the ported to C# for fine tuning.
    I experimented with image recognition for Grabbie, then made my own method that is 10x quicker using basic optimization logic.
    And cards on fire is nothing but simple image recognition paired with hours and hours of math.
    More or less I'm still a beginner to .net since I've just been stuffing the basics with external methods.
    If you're completely new to coding, which I'm assuming OP is, bot coding wouldn't be the place to start.
    .net is pretty grueling so maybe learn something entry level like html first, just to grasp how programming works.
    If that's not the case go, ahead and peruse microsoft's tutorials on C#.
    I was on winter break when I started so I had a good 18 hours a day to devote to learning, if you have an hour or two after school you probably won't get anywhere quick, so please do reconsider.

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    C# Is quite hard for people who dont know anything about coding, i just know C# well becouse i used to code LUA, and then ported to C# phew months ago, you should watch alot of tutorials about Image recognition, pixels, bitmaps.. then you need to get some good basics on c# and a bit of logic also. either way good luck!

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