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    Trident bilge bot issue

    Ok so I recently bought trident bilge bot and Aeolus rigging bot, rigging not works fine but with the bulging bot it just says "puzzle pirates found waiting for bilge to start" I open bilge still same thing, close bilge same thing start it play it for a few mins ditto does not work for me, screen size is right and everything dunno what's wrong please help me :/

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    If you're using auto, set up what you would like (settings (speed, moves on/off etc.)), then get on a bilge, and click the screen (it must detect the screen). If you're on four moves, give it a while to start the bilging, as it takes longer, but if you are on three it shouldn't take too long. If you're using manual adjust your settings to your preference then click the screen to make sure Trident Bilge has detected the puzzle pirates board of bilging. Have you done this? Try again, re-log in. Tell me what happens.

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    Hope my reply was fast enough.

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    As far as manual mode and what not iv given it 5 mins of just sitting idle on a bilge station with puzzle pulled up and everything, it still says "bilge has not begun" or what not in the bot window itself not does it paint the screen or auto move my mouse :/

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    Hey mate, if you add me on skype I may be able to assist you.

    My skype is Sobo.Bot-Supply
    Need to get in Contact with me?

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