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    Poseidon Question

    Hello! Bought the Poseidon Bilge Bot yesterday! It works great, I'm floating around Legendary and Grandmaster. I have a few questions though!

    1) Is Auto Mode safe at the moment? Is it still undetectable?
    2) What is the most optimal setting for the -best- results?
    3) I set it on Auto-4 Depth-Vegas, but it goes -really- slow. About, 1 move every 6-7 seconds? Now, sometimes, this yields incredible results (literally ), othertimes, it shoots me down into "Good" and "Fine". What do?

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    1)To the best of our knowledge automatic mode is currently undetected. However this does not mean you will be banned for it. If you are worried in the slightest manual botting is the way to go (also note we are not responsible if one of your accounts did end up getting banned)
    2) default settings (depth 3 vegas)
    3) Depth 4 is extremely slow due to Poseidon not being multi-threaded. Nothing on your end can really be done to fix this unfortunatly.

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