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    Legality of selling PoE and Payoneer.

    So guys as you know, I've been a PoE seller for about a month now and I have earned some cash.

    I live in Europe, but I receive my payments to PayPal so I can't withdraw the cash to my bank account just like that, I need a US bank account (or a VISA card), so this is where Payoneer comes in, BUT the issue is that the USP questionnaire there asks for a link and deep in details of my income.

    So I have to ask you, guys now. How legal is it to sell digital property?

    I haven't read the ToS on PP since I never can understand those things and I barely even know the laws of US.

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    If you are very concerned consult a lawyer.
    Sorry for cockblockin but we can't really give advice.

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