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    What are you doing?

    As the title states, I'm really wondering what the bot coders and such on the site are up to - both the ones working by themselves, and then the ones who are admins and such on the site.
    Basically, what's your current project? I see a lot of the coders that are with Bot-Supply saying 'That is not something we are currently working on', so what are you currently working on?
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    This is a list of all thing bot supply is "officially" working on for this year. I cannot say for freelance bot coders. I've heard of a new rigging bot by TheRigger.
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    It's actually not that good yet; still working on it and learning multithreading again after I forgot it (lel I'm bad at Comp. Sci.).

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    I'll run through what most of the roles of the Bot-Supply team are so you can kinda understand a bit better

    Face (Admin) - Owner, Do note that Face isn't a programmer, he's a businessman. He sort've organises us *coughs*.

    Sobo (Admin) - Forum staff, he's got some programming history in XNA among other things but he's mainly forum staff and doesn't code any of the bots.

    Sticky (Security) - Basically makes sure Supply-Crate and Bot-Supply are secure and sort out basically everything behind the scenes. He's pretty amazeballs even though no one sees much of him. (He's always there though )

    Me (errr...)- Basically that link to "2014", the top half was my to-do list among a lot of other things that I've been working on for Bot-Supply.

    Emaziz (Coder) - Maintains Spools of Silk which is the bot he coded, he doesn't work on any other bots.

    Severn (Coder) - Maintains Dreaming in Sprinkles, Trident and Wood for Thought. He is a freelancer and often is extremely busy.

    Cryoma (Coder) - Sorta fell off the face of the earth, we don't see him much.

    Flashbang/Pulse/Sageman (Coder) - All Retired. Aren't around much at all.

    We don't really have a lot of coders at our command, they sort've come and go, we've been really lucky with what's happened. They aren't paid fulltime, they're paid for what they do and sometimes money is better elsewhere. We don't often post what our plans out because often plans fall through due to dodgy coders/runaway coders and things that sometimes don't go our way.

    I hope that sort've answers your question, I can't go into much greater detail about upcoming projects unless I get permission to talk about it, all I can really say is stay tuned .

    Edit: As to what Freelance coders are doing I'm not really sure :X Nor would I post on their behalf.

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