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    Poker Bot

    Interested in obtaining the source to a poker bot.
    Features I want: easy to change the images to detect cards (if say I wanted to use for another game, or graphics change), pot size, sliders, players, etc.
    Can easily change what hands it plays.
    Displays a calculator for each hand similar to cof.
    Can rebuy if needed, or cash out at x.
    Can be run afk.

    This is not a calculator, it's a poker bot.
    It should follow basic poker rules and know what % of the pot/stack to bet based on its hand, etc.

    Anyone interested in working on it contact me on the forums and add my Skype, I often don't check Skype unless told to :P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post

    I used this for a bit in a 2k table just to try it out... it made it to 13k then lost 5k then i cashed out with 8k ...after rebuy it won 4k and lost it all so basically i'm still on + but I don't know about makes rediculus ALL-INs ...anyways
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    it says its free but its asking for an auth code?

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    Scare that made me lol a little.

    Anyways I think I found a coder but anyone who is interested can still feel free to contact me.
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