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    DiS Still working and...?

    Is DiS working well atm, also is it auto and is it still able to get high ranks and win most SF's, Also is it worth it or are the better bots out there?

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    Dreaming in Sprinkles is a PVE bot. Meaning, the intended use for it is for Cit runs, pillys, etc. The bot can maintain around the renowned rank in PvP fights. Of course, this is completely dependent on who you play and with what sword. I've personally gotten to Leg SF using the version of DiS in Supply-Crate, however as stated this is dependent on the people played and not a "common" rank people will achieve.
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    I understand its for PVE and i will most likely be using it for that but it can still work at a average rate in PVP Correct? and is it in auto and working at this moment of time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wally View Post
    Also is it worth it or are the better bots out there?
    this is the only worthwhile site for puzzle pirates bots.

    to answer your other question I've gotten to GM with it.

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    i use it daily. i love it. i'm also GM with it

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    I have gotten to Legendary with it using a reversed saber and I usually bounce between GM and renowned. I honestly don't think it is worth the $40 price. I always use auto and it does some really stupid things every now and then. An example that seems to happen a lot is on the last block it can place there will be a breaker that it can use to survive longer but instead of flipping to the breaker it just kills itself instead. it also wastes a lot of breakers and fails to set up some combos that have potential. Also If you plan to use manual mode instead of auto don't bother. Manual mode is pretty glitchy for me and highlights in impossible to place areas half the time. Overall I think it is an OKAY bot. It needs some improvement before I recommend paying $40 for it but I am not unhappy with my purchase. Its just OKAY. I haven't seen a SF bot that does better,

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    I have gotten ultmae with it I was at full leg and versed I a few mastes its good of you get gwt master and comeon whos wants to sit there and sowed fight

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