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Thread: Is balls of steel/buypoe legitimate?

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    Is balls of steel/buypoe legitimate?

    This site is very, very trustworthy- all of the bots i have bought have worked perfectly, have not gotten me banned, and have done an incredible job. However, there are no wide-spread, easy to buy gunning bots. I've gotten a couple messages from people, but buying from a private seller means the risk of viruses, fake bots, being scammed, or the hassle/risks of a middleman. Thus, i decided to look elsewhere to try to get a gunning bot. There seem to be a lot of really sketchy bots/sites out there, so i figured i'd ask the site i trust first.
    A lot of the buypoe moderators/admins seem to be on bot supply too-face, sobo, etc. However, a lot of the links to bots on buypoe, especially the free ones, redirect me to a thread that has nothing to do with the thing i clicked(IE, i will click" free logoff tool" and will be redirected to a thread about buying a runescape bot..)
    Thus, i am not too sure Balls of steel is safe/still has customer support.

    Can anyone who knows about that tell me?

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    Buypoe had a database merge/switch a while back, a lot of the old threads now have incorrect names and links. I wouldn't trust free bots on there to keep you unbanned though - they're likely to be detected
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    Balls of Steel is discontinued, it is no longer for sale and it hasn't been for over a year now.

    Face and Sobo are no longer moderators at Buypoe btw
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    Alright, thanks for the info scarecrow and kandor! That explains the general emptiness of that site and why the links are all scuppered.

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