Hi all, well the problem is i cant open Supply-Crate at all, everytime i double click its icon or the updater icon it shows "Supply-Crate has stopped working".

I tried troubleshooting it myself but im out of ideas, I:
-Updated Java to 7u40
-Updated .NET to 4.5.1 RC
-Run it as admin
-Tried with and without ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib in the same folder
-Redownloaded Supply-Crate
-Deactivated antivirus

I really dont have anymore knowledge on what could i do and there doesnt seem to be any thread referring to this specific problem.

Also i own:

Wich has been quite the investment, i havent played for about a year and its very dissapointing not to be able to use my bots.

Im running windows 7 SP1, i have teamviewer and my skype name is "nicolas_bianchini", hopefully someone can help me out, i also tried contacting FACE through his old msn acc but he didnt answer, thx in advance.