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Thread: Thread of Super Manly Bot Fixes

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    Thread of Super Manly Bot Fixes

    What To Do, When The Bot Screws Up On You.

    1. Stop and Think. Don't just rush onto Bot-Supply or message Face saying MY BOT DOESN'T WORK BLAH BLAH... Funnily enough, there is a logical reason why it's not working at the moment.

    2. Restart your computer, and try the bot again. Always check that you only have one puzzle pirates window open and that you're at the correct spot (eg. PuzSol, on the station, BoS, next to a gun etc.)
    If it still doesn't work, check these few things:

    Latest .Net Installed? : .NET Downloads, Developer Resources & Case Studies | Microsoft .NET Framework
    Have Java installed? : Java + You
    Screen Resolution Correct? : screensize.png

    3. If the bot is still giving you errors, not working, etc. Post on the forums, but don't just write "my bot won't work, give help". Give us some details.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Post A Screenshot :

    How To:

    1. Use a snipping tool (Windows 7, Vista) or a Print Screen and paste onto Paint and save to an easily accessible spot.

    Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

    2. Inset the image by clicking on the button and choosing your file :



    3. Post any other details like, what your operating system is, what you're doing to try get the bot to work, what bot it is etc.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Or post the error message word for word, give us an MSN name, or a skype name so we can add you and try and help you out.

    4. If the bot is still failing, you just gotta keep trying and going through people until you find the cure. People on Bot-Supply are extremely helpful and assist you if needed.

    Note: Please download TeamViewer if you have problems with a bot. It is free and it is a very easy and safe program to use. This allows us to see your screen, take control of it and therefore help you fix it. (Please be careful and only use with TRUSTED members.)

    Teamviewer : TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

    Be prepared to either add someone to MSN, Skype etc. so they can help you.

    I'm always happy to help if I am around. Skype me: thescarecrow-botsupply

    So just a friendly message, if you wanna post about something that is wrong with your bot, help us, to help you. <3

    Example Post :

    "Hi, I'm having trouble with the bot, PuzSol Balls of Steel.
    Whenever I try to run this bot, it gives me this error :


    I run Windows 7, I have .Net installed, Java and my Puzzle pirates screen is 800x600.

    Add me on skype <insert skype name>, or PM me if you can help, I have teamviewer.

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    scarecrow ur postin rubbish bruh, please do me a favour, dont post the obvious... maybe ppl dont wanna post screenies because they cba... or maybe there prt sc button is broke? ever thought of that?

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    Most of the people saying they have errors, have not posted a screenshot, or given any type of information other then "my bot won't work".

    It takes about 5 minutes to take a screenshot and post it to a forum.

    Edit: Didn't realise you were the one who just posted about a server sided error,

    This was NOT meant to flame you, it has just come to attention that most people lately, that complain about errors have not been giving any information at all.

    As for your error, how do you know someone that isn't Face can't help you? Maybe someone can help put some light on the situation. If we all ran to Face for help, he'd be spending more time helping people with errors, then organising the production of new bots.
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    Read above, or are u a bit problematic?

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    PoE merc, he may be posting the obvious, but this happens way more than you know.

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    Yes mate, I'm problomatic.(sarcasm) I'm asking people to post screenshots of their errors so we can help people faster then people just saying "My bot won't work, help me"

    .... And I'm problomatic?

    Edit : Forgot to add my sarcasm.

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    Chill man. if they CBA then they deserve to be ignored.
    if they prt scr button is broke there are other ways around it

    What scarecrow said is for other people who just go
    "help my bot is not working why???"
    without any other detail/info

    And also, his point that Face may not be the only one who can help.
    There are many others.
    Lighty helped me with something big. Pulse can prove it.
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    well its not there fault if they cant do it, and scarecrow sorry i started postin crap on ur thread, im a lil pissy this mornin >.>

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    All good bro, it seriously wasn't about you. Your were just the trigger, I am just getting tired of seeing people asking for help... but how can we help when we have no details on what we are helping with.

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    Lol is this directed at me? I was pretty pissed off last night lol, I wasn't in the mood to write anything more and I thought perhaps it was happening to others or it wasnt working for a reason.

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