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    Dnav hyper-ranking

    I can't seem to get dnav hyper ranking sorted =/

    I can do it in all of the other puzzles just not dnav, any tips on how many stars you should fill etc?

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    3-4 stars and sparkling before leaving the station.

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    Just get it to gold, it doesn't have to be sparkling, and keep it there. Duty Navigation has always been my worse puzzle but I managed to get legendary, almost ultimate after practising so long and hyper ranking.

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    It's the same for dnav as it is for the other puzzles. Fill around 3-4 stars and abandon. Go as quick as you possibly can without messing up, because otherwise your score will drop rapidly. If you're interested in Ult, you need to have full sparkly (or very close to) abandons. If you're just going for a GM/Leg you can get away with a gold meter.

    It might help to actually get good at dnav before you try hyperranking it. Practice makes perfect.
    If you need any help just PM me. I've got Ult plenty of times!

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    Speed > efficiency.
    But you do need efficiency to have speed...

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    #1 Dnav on all oceans xD lol... basically from Able -Able... just do it for about 5-10 seconds as standard till it goes 2 about green (leave station u should go up 2 proficent) try get it 2 the next colour up or if u cant just leave again after 15 seconds (Disting) and repeat untill u can get the colour 2 Gold (For Some Dnav boards you DO NOT have to hold it for 15 seconds sometimes u can leave immediately and it will count best ive ever had Ultimate Dnav is Narrow but that is from this guide lol..

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