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    Is it the bot or just my PC?


    Have anyone been experiencing this bug?:

    sometimes, the ship (in the minimap) will move so quickly to the lp.
    AND the game speed will get increased by x10.

    If you're on a duty station while this happens, you will get your exp fucked (EG you're at a golden hammer in carp, if this happens, you will slowly get black one).

    Is it just me or the bots?..

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    I get the minimap thing on my VM, not the performance drop though
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    It's your computer/network connection.
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    I've been experiencing this, and as Doubleuson said - it is your network/PC that is somehow tripping up the timings. I'm not sure how to fix it though, I've had the same error for the entire time I've played PP. Feels like I'm speedhacking when the pieces drop down super fast all of a sudden during SF.

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    sounds like the connection allright

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