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Thread: Bot Problems

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    Bot Problems

    Hey various problems i need help with,

    Cards of fire doesnt work it just shows everything blank (it opens) just doesnt work it also says error calibrating you must be at the black screen
    (Windows 7)

    cards of fire wont open on my other laptop
    (Windows Vista)

    Dreaming in sprinkles wont open
    (Windows Vista)

    Trident Bilge won open
    (Windows Vista)

    if you can help with any or all feel free to respond <3

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    For Cards on Fire, try to open it when you're at the log-in screen where you enter both your username and password. That should calibrate it. If the blank problem persists, say so and I'm sure some people will look into it. I highly doubt that your system resources are lacking for Cards on Fire, as it isn't very intensive on a computer.

    As for the Vista problems, I have no idea. *Waits for a(n) Mod/Admin*

    Good luck resolving the problem though.
    Keep running,

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    for cards on fire you have to calibrate it on the logon screen. For opening i guess make sure you have the most update version of java: Download Free Java Software and if that doesnt work try upgrading your .net framework at here: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center and here: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) from Official Microsoft Download Center
    besides that i would wait for a mod/dev to respond

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