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Thread: Dreaming of Sprinkles problem

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    Dreaming of Sprinkles problem

    Its great but what I hate the most is when I get to the top, It has a tendancy to stop working or fights your movements when you try to take control manually. You should make it so that it turns off when the player makes a manual move and then when things are safe, turn it back on. It also irks me that if you are at the top and there is 1 block of room left and your breaker that will save you is coming down, it doesn't flip. Gives me heart attacks when i gotta jump in and manually save it and right after i save myself, it fights my manual control and commits suicide. AGHHH. It needs to detect the breakers/blocks off screen because it when its on top, it only places it flat side down and taking up twice as much space. Please give better AI so it can make verticle placements and detection of breakers in life or death situations.
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    i agreee ^^

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    i just think when it gets above about 3/4 or 4/5 of the board it should stop using Space, to stall and also less chance of it suicideing and that's one thing that makes the bot detectable no player uses space that close to been killed.
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