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    Angry KoW Auth key issues

    Ok let me start off with i used to have the old individual KoW bot.

    Recently i started playing again and wanted to use the bot i had bought a while ago and i cant bc they closed the server or something... now with that being said i first contacted the admins of the site specifically face 3 pms and 1 email and sobo aswell. and i havent got a respond for about 10 days... so i am curious to how do i get a new auth key to use on supply crate, when the admins of the site dont answer email or pms when they are the only ones that can give me a new key? some help would be great! thanks, Danisher

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    Forrest is usually very busy these days, you can reach Sticky who is our security/auth/everything guy for help if you are having issues. If you have the old codes you can add me on Skype: Thescarecrow-botsupply and I will help you out

    Edit: Closed, Problemo Solvedo <3
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