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Thread: Ban Evasion on YPP-

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    Ban Evasion on YPP-

    Hi Guys I just find Way how to Stop being Ban ...( Evasion )

    I Don`t Know if The Admins Here Solve This problem With their players or not

    I got banned In puzzle pirates .And i Try to untaint and Create new account . But They Banned me Every time i Log in

    Some People Said u need to change your router and buy new computer ... -- Will I don`t do this Stuff....

    If u guys need help Just Tell me .... Because i don`t know if u already find Way or not ..
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    The best way to evade a ban:

    1) Reformat your PC, change your username, change your computer name.
    2) Untaint using the SC untainter.
    3) Either:
    - Change your IP, by changing the MAC address of your router or through some other method, search google.
    - Use a VPN, they cost monthly, but they're pretty good at masking your online identity so YPP won't know you're evading.
    4) Once you're set up with a new account, don't TELL anyone you're evading. Play by the rules. Don't get reported. Simple as. Just avoid the OM's attention at all costs. Trading PoE should be done carefully, as should botting.

    Personally, I am using HMA Pro VPN and it works a treat.
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    Personally I just Untaint using Supply-Crate, change my computer name and use a VPN and I'm good to go. :3
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