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Thread: [FREE]RAT/Virus Removal Service

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    [FREE]RAT/Virus Removal Service

    What is this?
    You've found out or you think you have a RAT installed on your computer, what's the first thing you do? Panic. Don't, this does not mean the end of your hard drive, like suggested by some members.
    Don't, this does not mean the end of your hard drive, like suggested by some members. it's a pretty simple virus for all the shit built up against it. I offer a free service to any single member to make sure they are 100% clean from Remote Administration Tools or keyloggers. I do not use any software to aid me in this, apart from one tool, as I find it just slows you down looking in unnecessary places.

    What do you offer?
    I offer to check and remove all Remote Administration Tools and keyloggers from your computer, I know these are not the only virus' but they are the ones that can cause most harm. If you also wish, I can give you the IP and Geo-location of the person who infected you so you can have them arrested or just fuck about with them.

    How do you do this?

    Why do you know how to do this?
    I've had lots of experiences with RAT's before, never maliciously, and have removed them off a ton of people's computers.

    How much will this cost?
    FREE! However depending on how much time I spend looking for the virus it may increase. It may also increase over time of the service.

    Most importantly, I can't strain enough
    Do not reformat!
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    profiled for later might need this service

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    To be honest you should probably not give the IP as they are usual sent from another one that has a RAT (:

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    Vouche. Removed all malicious content from my computer and gave me free programs that can prevent any further attacks. I strongly recommend to use him while he is still free!

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