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    [Error] .NET Framework [V4.0 Installed]

    I have .Net Framework V4.0 installed on my computer, I am running Windows XP professional and regardless of what bot I try to run from this website or any other website I recieve the following error.

    I am stumped and I do not know what to do, do any of you fellow Bot Supply members have any suggestions?

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    I'm not entirely sure but I've seen around the forums before than for Windows XP, you need .Net Framework 3.5 installed as well as 4.0. Like I said, I'm not sure but give it a go
    If that doesn't work, I'll try and get hold of someone that can help more.

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    If you have Windows XP, you must also install .NET 3.5

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    Definitely needing the .Net 3.5 as mentioned above <3

    (The java bots should work fine though e.g. Argos, Aeolus, Inferno, Poseidon)

    If you run into anymore troubles don't hesitate to hit me up on Skype

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