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Thread: problems :/

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    problems :/

    Hey all

    I just bought 3 bots today from bot supply which are Knock On Wood , BoS and OverHaul TH

    First problem is

    when i first made the purchase i had blling information problems so all the money that i have paid was refunded , EXCEPT for BoS.

    I then fixed the billing information problem and bought back my KoW and Overhaul , however im still missing my 20$ for a long time now.

    Problem 2

    When I try to run KoW , i double click on it and get the interface. However when i click on start , it says Puzsol has stopped working. I do have .NET 4.0 so it shouldn't be the problem

    and the last thing is a question. From how many computers can i use my licenses. If only one , than what happens when i format my hdd or stuff? Will i have to purchase a new license?

    The answers might be on the forum idk but i researched for a long time and couldn't find any answer to those 3.

    Fast answers and solutions would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance

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    Your first problem you'll need to contact Face and talk with him about getting a refund and such.

    For your second problem - are you on Windows XP? If so download .NET 3.5

    For your third question - You can use your Supply Crate details on multiple computers but do note "auth" sharing is strictly prohibited and will get you banned/ your access revoked. If you ever have to reformat your HDD or such simply redownload Supply-Crate and log back in with your forum account and the bots should be there.

    Also, moved it to the correct section.
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