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    Argos Shipwrightery (Fixed) :)

    Hey all, for those who use this bot you know it may be frustrating when you set it going, and then after 1 puzzle it can't find the station (this could just be me) Iether way.. i consulted with my weekly meeting with aliens and such and they gave to me, one of the most advanced pieces of equipment anyone could use for botting. so here it goes.

    so yeah, you start the bot up do a puzzle, and this is what you see after.. ( i do anyway)


    what it needs to see is this... but they don't always show ect.. without seeing this the bot will not restart the puzzle. *Facepalm


    so with a lot of thought.. the other life form came to me with this amazing tethnology.. all you simply do is place it on your "ALT" Key..
    Take a look..


    I know, don't all come shouting and screaming at once,
    I won't be using this to take over the world, simply to make the bot work a little smoother, and so i can actually Afk while this bot runs..

    Seriously tho, couple of pennys over the ALT keys, makes the icons come up.
    It doesn't effect the bots performance having the alt key held down, just means it's guaranteed too run while afk.

    Hope this has helped, Thanks for reading. ^.^

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    It's possible to just enable help. And it will always show the tooltips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faintful View Post
    It's possible to just enable help. And it will always show the tooltips.
    had a feeling this was the case but, they get annoying with all the stuff popping up, means turning it off and on and off and on.. ^.^

    Edit: please not this was just for shits and giggles.. >.>

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    WIthout enabling the tooltops always, you have to press alt each time the puzzle finishes.

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    Why dont you show them your cooling system for the old laptop.

    AKA hang out of a window.

    If your stupid or if i think your stupid please follow this link: (Link)

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    Ah yes, my next guide

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