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    Argos shipwrightery

    Hello everyone. I have few qustions about this fine bot.. okay first of all on the advert is said it should be able to get up to legendary.. yet i havnt got past master and just a moment ago i actualy went down to respected.
    So i have been wondering that what kinda options people uses with this bot? like on the readme it says to "check" the downer box for stats grinding which i have been using, but lately i have started to think is it better to leave it uncheck?

    As i have noticed that the bot mostly produces only basic/skilled labor. and when it does excellent it's mostly low skilled excell.
    So is there chance that the bot is out of date? or something in my pc that it dosent work at the stage it should?

    it's just very dissapointing to but a bot which actualy dosent provide what the adversment makes you believe....

    Also here is a photo of the labor i have produced with the bot in my stall during the time i have had it:

    on a side not here. all the other bots been really great and truly done what promised. this one is only one which isnt doing really what it should/promised.
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    I'll process a refund if you want one.
    We are going through all of the bots to fix them of issues like this.

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    refund is not really needed. i just wish the bot would get fixed on what it should be. i get things done with it what is needed atm. But just need other employees to give out the expert labor i need.

    and one a side note. this account is not the one for what i bought the bots. using this account to make posts ect on the forums. to have little more secure.

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    I am GM at shipwright and i used the bot 2 times and then never again. It isn't hard to get a good rank, just make all 6 combos and then start clicking them.
    The bot makes not all combos and if they make combos they are mainly those of 4 and not the combos of 5.

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