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    Help with my bots

    When I use the bot-supply bot helper thingy, and I choose a bot it says not responding and it closes down. On both my KoW and my rumble helper. I used KoW outside of bot-supply and it did the same thing. Please help. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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    Is your net-framework updated? That could be the issue in most cases.

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    I have that too sometimes, Idk what's the problem with it. Delete the entire bot and redownload? This will actually sort off update the bot. Maybe this will fix it?

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    You may need to export all the files upon opening the client, it was doing this to me, and still does sometimes when using Ball of Steel, it kept the unresponsivle window for BOS open so i just forced log off and relogged into my windows account. Again, try exporting the zip files before opening your bot client.

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