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Thread: bot problems

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    bot problems

    Hi guys this is my first topic, first of all this is a nice website with free bots but i got some problems with the bots


    1- when i start decayed bilge and start puzzle pirates and press ctrl+R it dont work while it is written my pirate name and ocean and stated

    2- SHIPPY (Pro bilge bot) i don't know how it start i just open it and an icon open on the down left and a black box on the center of the screen written (Pro bilge bot) but nothing happen when entering a bilge station

    3- Crystal bilge i just press log in without a user name and a password it opens a box to press start i press start it minimize and can maximize it again and pressing ctrl+R increases the minimized bot and also nothing happen

    4- Scar scripts i can work with it when i just open the txt file it open when i press start with auto pilly script the mouse move all over the screen not on the bilge box even after using the bit map ( actually i didn't tested the auto gun txt )

    Computer Specification:

    Manufacturer: Dell

    Model: INSPIRON 6400

    Chipset: Intel family chipset

    Windows: Vista service pack 2

    Processor: Core 2 duo T7200 2.00 GHZ

    Memory(Ram): 2.00 GB

    System type: 32-bit Operating System


    I got c++ 2007 microsoft program, Direct x 9, and JAVA

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    I'm pretty sure all three of those are detected anyway, so using them will most certainly get you banned.

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    i swear this forum doesn't provide links for those bots? >.<

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    Decayed isn't detected, just station whilst it's running and it should get to work.

    But I agree with Ezenemy.
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