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    Help with Puz-sol bots, KoW and BoS

    Whenever i start either of these on my laptop, " Puz-sol has stopped working, windows is checking for a problem" and then another window that says, "A problem cause the program to stop working correctly, windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

    Not really sure whats the deal.

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    That's sounds like a problem with .NET. What version do you have?

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    From time to time, this happens for me too. make sure the puzzle window is already open, and then run the bot, excluding BoS. With BoS, click the kind of cannon you will be loading and just hit start.

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    How do you know what version net you have?

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    "The manual way of checking whether what version of Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on your computer is through Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel. This is a very basic way to check but could be wrong because the entries that is displayed in Add or Remove Programs can be easily removed from registry."

    Read more:

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