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Thread: A huge shoutout to..

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    A huge shoutout to..

    This is the community support section so I'd really like it if the community would support, my dear friend, Flashbang.

    As many of you may or may not know. He's behind many fixes including but not limited to,

    Poseidon manual mode (which still hasn't been included in supply crate for some reason, sticky you are reading this we need to remedy this)
    Overhaul bugs
    Rigging bugs
    Proposed fix to Puzsol BoS bugs and antibans (which will be implemented once supply crate is updated to handle netframework 4.5)
    Helped with the concept of move finding algo with Trident
    Helped with the concept of KoW 2.0 bug fixes

    Basically. Flashbang has covered all of our asses and helped all of you guys to have the selection of bots you have now.

    I would just kinda let that be known publicly that he is the most awesome person in existence and alot of bot supply wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

    If you want to give your love to flashbang please leave him a visitor comment on his profile page saying that he is sexy.

    View Profile: flashbang - Bot Supply - Free and Premium Bots and exploits for Puzzle Pirates
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    Thanks so much flashbang, it's really great to have you around here fixing up what you can. You do lots of good work, and I can tell from the bots I used, and I hope you stay here and continue to produce great work, man. If you ever need idea's on a bot or how to get something basic working, or you can teach me to code, I'm here, ahahah.

    And to you too, Face. You've also worked hard here and deserve a shoutout yourself. Thanks man, we all appreciate it.

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    love you fb <3

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    Yea he is pretty epic now to find a way to have him teach us a few things about coding hmmm flash if we give you some sucky sucky will you teach us your ways?

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    Thank you very much Flash, much <3

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    Thank you my german friend!
    Who do you think you are?

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    Thanks mates, I really appreciate this even though I normally prefer to stay in the background, in real and also on here. For these... explicit offers... sorry guys but I got an awesome girlfriend

    For the coding... I really am not that good with all the bot-related languages, I do more in e:script (lightshows) and ILDA (lasers) as that is actually job-related. Just got to coding for face when I was doing some VB project for my work.

    I hope that I will get many more projects tow ork on as it is really a lot of fun for me!

    //siggy by Poseidon

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