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    Supply-Crate Issue

    I've been using the crate for a few weeks now, testing it out and whatnot.

    This morning I logged on and my Antivirus (Kapersky) started going crazy and isolated the supply-crate. It says that it has a Trojan in it = it says it is found in the Supply-Crate.exe file.

    It worked fine until a short time ago.

    I've updated everything. The Crate, Java, the AntiVirus. I've scanned everything. It won't let me download a fresh copy because it claims it is infected.

    Any Advice?

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    Get a real antivirus.

    Malware bytes antimalware

    Paid: ESET

    These are the best two you can use and rarely throw upfalse positives.

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    I've been using it fine too and then this morning when I went to run it I kept getting "invalid login or password" and I would randomly get database errors on the website. It's since then gone away and I can use it though.

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