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Thread: Supply Crate Update?

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    Supply Crate Update?

    When will the next Supply Crate Update be, and what can be expected to be in it???


    o_O And this is kinda weird...Happend to me and it kinda sucked.

    Ya, I had to cover up the skellies names because people can look back at history to when this happend and figure out who I am. XD

    Don't blame me, its happend before.

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    Chances are, the next update will be a compatibility update (updating to .net 4.5) so we can release the BoS update. Atleast, that'd probably be the only noticeable update to users

    and, that's happened to me before also. I've always assumed its from VPN lag (or lag in general)
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    What will be in the BoS update?

    Also, that's caused by three massive strikes that are close to an insta, but not quite. The sprinkles were swords. :P

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    bos will be a bit less buggy

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    Something Face made a little while ago :3
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