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    Windows 10 and Screen Res

    Hi, i wonder if someone who knows more than me (not hard) can help.

    i have new (well new to me) desktop pc which is running windows 10 it has a recomended screen res of 1680 x 1050 and has a nvidia quadro FX 570 graphics card in it.

    Question is - what set up do i need to be able to see the damn YPP screen (especially the text which is tiny even with the large font button ticked) and use bots .... i am really confused and destroying my eyesight.

    Really hope someone can help xx thank you xx

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    I can try help you out when I have time, add my skype

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    Add me on Skype, I'll take a look into it (send me yours in a PM).
    Who do you think you are?

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    thanks guys - all fixed now - my graphics card was over-riding the scaling settings of the game.

    it goes black when i try playing in full screen mode but thats no biggy

    thank you both for your offers of help

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