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    Bots and Hot keys to stop and start the bot.

    I just came to realize something most bots have hot keys as in Control +A to start it and Control +S to stop it. This worries me. What if OOO got a hold of a bot bought it whatever. And saw this. Couldn't they put a detection for those keys and say if you pressed those certain keys 5-10 times you could be banned? You don't need to use those keys when playing puzzle pirates. Just a little thought. It doesn't matter how strong the Antibans are if they went that route. What are your opinions on this?

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    I dont think they can do that. you could use ctrl + a , ctrl + s for anything, not just use of bots..

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    At the moment they hardly do anything to detect botters. If people run bots straight nonstop for 60h and don't get banned and I sent 500 times 1 PoE to someone yesterday within 20sec and nothing happened I highly doubt that we need to worry about the CTRL + A / CTRL + S hotkeys. However if they wanted to, the could detect it if you press it while having focus on the PP client.

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