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    Gun Bot

    I had bought the original Gunning bot a while back and used it for about 2 weeks. After that it was taken down, so than I quit for a while. I recently came back hoping that the bot that i had bought is fixed now and now it looks like there is another one. I only got to use the gun bot for a little bit, didn't even get my moneys worth What do I do?

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    Its unfortunate but there's is nothing I can do about it. If you don't make use of your bots there's always a chance there are new ones coming out.

    From the original thread: "Flaming Balls and Balls of Steel users will be able to use their Auth code as a coupon for $15 on release!
    (Not Stackable with other discounts)" , you might try that or wait for a Bot-a-ton (hint hint).

    There'll also be an update for Shots Fired too if I recall correctly.
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