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Thread: YPP Detecting Key Presses

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    Question YPP Detecting Key Presses

    I understand the whole "if you use auto and you get banned its your own fault, we warned you" but I am quite interested in whether or not YPP can actually detect key presses - especially since like ones on the Navigation bot wouldn't be at intervals or anything. It'd be random dependent on the board.

    What are your actual personal opinions on this matter? Do you think it is unsafe to use auto Dnav bot? I'd be watching it, wouldn't use it for more then 30mins-2hours at a time.

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    Like all bots auto is always going to have its risks. If you truly want my opinion i think learning the bots in manual mode keeps you focused on the boards and how things work. you actually start learning things from the bot. Also keeps your eyes on PP at all times so if you have something come up you can take action or respond to people right then. As with auto it is easy to run to the bathroom and come back with a logged out PP screen.... In all honesty i do not suggest auto for anyone. If i still had my pirate i wouldnt use auto just to ensure the safety of my pirate. It all really depends on how much you care about your pirate. Im not saying that any of the bots here will instantly get you banned but eventually over time itll happen. ive botted for the past 5 years and i have only been banned for it once. But it was a leaked bilge bot so ofc i got banned lol. But ive never caught a ban with the bots on here. Because i play it a little to safe. I babysit if i do auto but mostly i use manual. If someone messages me i respond in a normal amount of time. If im absolutely killing the boards i make sure i dumb down my board once or twice to let someone else top me. just little things. sorry this is kinda all over the place i just woke up.... xD
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