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    Question 4 Depth Not Working Properly?

    See Image For PC Specs:

    I have a relatively powerful PC. I can run any and all bots with no problem (when using the lower of the depth options) but for some reason, when I am using 4 Depth mode on bots like Poseidon Bilge - it takes far too long to think and most of the time I end up scoring less than when I use 3 Depth.

    Is there anything I can do it remedy this? I don't have anything eating my CPU/Ram. Most of it is unused.

    Any advice?

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    4 depth takes so long on Poseidon because the bot isn't multi-threaded. Not really viable (unlike on Trident)

    But, Depth 3 Poseidon outscores Depth 4 Trident.

    Oceanus however, outscores both.

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    Which of the bots are multi-threaded or will run well on 4 Depth?

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