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Thread: BoS 2 Issues!

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    BoS 2 Issues!

    Balls Of Steel ( Full Version )

    Hey guys, I have some problems pertaining to the the full version of BoS.

    1. It always, always closes out of the game saying " Puzzle Pirates BOS has stopped working" and I have to re click and- re click.

    2. If the bot makes a mistake ( doesn't wash out when it just fired ) it doesn't fix it. I have to either manually fix it or start the bot over.

    3. It doesn't really take control of the pieces.. what I mean by that is that if the pieces are stuck in the corner of the board , or are not getting into the middle ( where the bot is used ) then you have to dismiss the game or manually fix it.

    Honestly, when it is working it is a wonderfully made bot..
    But for something that has been out for awhile and was released for $20.00.. these problems shouldn't happen I would think.

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    the bot is actually incredibly difficult to fix due to how the algo was coded. we are doing our best to do bug fixes, but each change we make we have to fix new bugs that arise.

    We are fixing it, but it's not an easy task.

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    it's a nice bot. but it had flaws. better then doing it yourself though.

    wouldn't it be easier to just start fresh again? might be less frustrating

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    The problem is that the .NET framework is screwing us over. It works perfectly well and without any bug on 4.5, however since that is still in beta testing many of you will have problems with other programs when installing 4.5 (supply crate as example won't work then anymore). We're giving our best to get it working with 4.0 as well.

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    The problems you listed are small and easily dealt with. The bot can get you #1 on any ocean.

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