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    What Do You Use To Make Bots?

    Heya, I was mucking about making a couple of bots using Auto Hot Key, all it is is a simple script thing

    How do people make these amazing bots? What programs do you use, do you watch youtube videos and stuff?

    I've seen a bot Solo Kraken Hunt but its $99 and I get why it can make mills a week but it's just so expensive, cant even pay monthly >_>

    I'd love to be able to make something like that, if anyone knows where it can be bought cheaper let me know please

    Prefer buying for a month at a time not a life time use it for a month get everything i want and be like right, that's now wasted


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    Notion's C# image detection tutorial is a small start for trying to find images on the screen.
    General image capture is usually picking an image off of the screen and then analyzing it, since it's costly to pick pixels off the screen one by one in real time.
    Tbh most of writing bots is either the algorithms or the image detection (I've never found a bot that has required complicated algorithms AND image detection).
    Still, like alfonzo mentioned, a basic/strong familiarity with algorithms is very very helpful when doing this kind of thing.
    Tl;dr: Java/C#/C++ & my brain

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