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    no longer have bots ive purchased ?

    ive purchased bots on this account (zmallll); though i havent used the account in over a year till this date. as i open bot supply, i only see 3 bots there (rumble aid, swordfight tool, savage ships) of which are not any of the bots that i downloaded.
    so i opened up my emails and looked up the bot-supply emails ive received, i found the bots that ive brought, and their auth codes there.
    i tried re-entering the auth codes but get the message " invalid auth code ".
    im quite confused, where have my bots ive spent money on gone? how can i get them back?
    if need be i can provide screen shots of the emails that were received as proof of purchase.

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    Sure, please PM me the email screenshots or auth codes, and I'll take a look for you.

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