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    (Windows10) patching bot problem !!


    as in the title im a windows 10 user and since i got windows 10 i faced problems with some bots.

    i know that the SF bot is not working and you said that it will be fix in the future so im waiting for that.

    but my problem now is with spool of silk the patching bot.

    it works perfectly but when it start working on the board it works as if the board is bigger then what it is .

    i think that this is an issue with the display size.

    so if any one knows what size should i use or how to make it work with windows 10 please let me know .

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    hey guys,

    mehfailz tried helping me, and gave me good advice ( thank you tons )

    my bots started working instead of making the display smaller to 100% i made it to the max 175% and everything started working

    my friend did like mehfailz said and made his display 100% instead of 150% and his started working

    so anyways try either this or that and should work ofcourse you need to sign out and and then back in to windows

    hope this helps

    Quote from a different Thread by a user that had the same problem. Will fix both SF and Patching.
    Who do you think you are?

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    i've tried every size (100%,125%,150%,and175%)

    and in game the only size thst works is 800x600

    nothing worked anyway ill wait till you fix it

    thanks for the reply

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    Make sure you restart your computer after changing sizes that may help.

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