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    Lightbulb [Xubuntu] Installing Supply Crate

    Hello folks!
    Last night I was very baked and trying to install puzzle pirates / supply crate onto my xubuntu laptop
    For any users who are having trouble running Supply Crate on linux systems, I found a work-around.

    1) Programs needed
    Muon - To install MonoDevelop
    To install Muon,
    type in terminal: sudo apt-get install muon

    2) Using Muon
    Once you have muon downloaded, open it by going to start -> system -> Muon Package Manager
    Once inside find "monodevelop" (no quotes)
    Let it install monodevelop and all the additional libraries and resources it needs

    3) Download Supply-Crate
    It's on bot-supply's homepage.
    Unpack the zip to the destination of your choice

    4) Right-click Supply-Crate.exe and hit Open With -> Open with Other Application
    And find "Mono Runtime"
    Protip: not "Mono Runtime(Terminal)"

    5) It should ask you to log in to supply crate now (aka, you're golden)

    Hope it helps someone; cause damn this would have helped me save a few hours of headscratching, permission changing, and OS reinstallation

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    Okay, now that it's installed im encountering issues with the bots.
    It says 'Error Launching Bot' every time I go to open Poseidon or Trident
    The weird part is is that it downloads a new .zip of whichever bot is selected, unpacks it in the supply-crate/bots folder,
    but it doesn't open it, just displays "Error Launching Bot"

    Any fellow linux / ubuntu /xubuntu users have any input?
    It's not my internet, im at school right now and the windows 10 computer next to me can download open install and run all bots available

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    Supply Crate was never designed with cross-platform support in mind. As a result it probably uses some Windows-specific functionality.

    Likewise with the bots themselves.

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    Currently Im installing the .NETs into WINE. I got WINE to at least open the login for supply crate's launcher by adding .NET 4.0 to it.
    Working on installing the rest and hopefully it'll work. I'm really wishing I took the UNIX class this semester instead of Java

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