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    Gunning bot Question!

    Do i have to CTRL+R every time the bot finishes a board or does it continues after he exits the gunning board?
    Because in my experience with the bot after he finishes he exits and stand there .
    Please respond , and ty for the everything .

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    Ok so there are 2 methods of using The gunning bot.

    1) Keep Board - Basically Made so it will be allot easier to keep Good boards, (boards that usually loops, and doesn't stuck pieces in random annoying areas) And this you one you don't need to hit CTRL + R every turn. but, it will wait til your cannons are (used up) to where you have to clean it.

    2) Keep Board is not activated - Very Simple to use, everytime you're done with a board it will take you out of that board, (usually made to get your rank up.) to where you hit CTRL+R to reenter the board, obviously this gives you the possibility for a crappy board, so you may want to hit CTRL + R multiple times.

    My recommendation is, let the bot go on the board itself, it tends to take a few seconds to start up, so if you don't allot of pieces will move around before the bot makes it patterns which kills loads of your pieces, (not good for stat building)

    It is very buggy, it doesn't have any human-like understanding of the board, it will unblock every cannon it is done filling, but not til its done.

    Hope it helped

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    Aha , because i used it in a smh , and got tired to hit CTRL+R , guess ill gun with my friend on the sloop
    Ty a lot for the response .

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