PS. I am aware there are lots of guides on the forums, however, I thought I would start a new thread incase there were any new developments in the process that could help cut price/time on using VPN's.

Hi, I have been banned lately, and no, I am not going to bitch and complain about how I got banned - I had it coming.

I am willing to pay money for a VPN to effectively have my slate wiped clean.

Could anyone give me a guide on how to use a VPN, with maybe a list of good and trustworthy VPNs to use, and an explanation on the process of the setup and, well... basically all you need to know about using VPN's on Puzzle Pirates!
(I have spent over $300 on bots, and I am not going to flush that down the drain!)

Thanks, I am sure others will certainly benefit from this if a good guide is produced