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Thread: I nEeD hElP mEhFaIlZzZ x3

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    I nEeD hElP mEhFaIlZzZ x3

    I download bot suply n it no work?????????

    wat is this scam????????

    I demand u go on Teamviewer and fix this????????????

    Or I report u!!!!!!!!!!
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    it happened to me too
    he also stole my money using the skype that isnt listed on this site

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    Captain Medals
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    But how can Mehfailz be real if he isn't Mehfailz, therefore a fake thats not a real fake. But if he's not a fake, is he real?
    Who do you think you are?

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    Holy shit I just realized...
    Mehfailz x3...
    Mehfailz has 8 letters...
    8 x3 = 24.
    Mehfailz x3 has 2 parts.
    24 x 2 = 48.
    Mehfailz is from Germany.
    Germany has 7 letters.
    48 + 7 = 55.
    You know who else has 55?
    Scam of the century was foretold by Scola55, AKA Mehfailz x3
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